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Core Game: Anime-Inspired Racing Game
  • Vivid, anime-style graphics enhance immersive racing experience.
  • Real-time banter and rivalries enrich in-game narrative.
  • Research-based progression for personalizing car abilities and aesthetics.
  • Collect and utilize rival car parts for strategic upgrades.
Target Platform: Consoles, PC
  • Tailor cars and characters in a detailed garage environment.
  • Collaborate on vehicle projects, compete in community races.
  • Each character offers unique perspective and racing challenges.
  • Expands gameplay with new features, maintaining long-term engagement.
Car Frames
Anime-Inspired Racing Universe
"Speed Rivals" combines fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping racing with vibrant anime aesthetics. Experience the thrill of arcade-style racing with intuitive controls in a narrative-rich universe that's a treat for both anime buffs and racing enthusiasts. It’s a unique blend where every race is more than just speed—it’s a story. Each race and its outcome weave into the larger narrative, enriching your connection to the characters and the world.
Character-Based Rivalries
"Speed Rivals" marries distinctive visual and narrative elements inspired by Japanese anime, from character designs to anime-like openings and manga-style storytelling. The game’s set rivalry system, similar to dynamics in fighting games, deepens the narrative, giving each character's journey a unique twist and enhancing player engagement through diverse perspectives and motivations.
Innovative Farming Mechanic
"Speed Rivals" innovatively combines cozy car mechanic simulators with dynamic resource farming. Damage rivals during races to collect materials, then head to the garage to use these resources for crafting upgrades or performing repairs. This mechanic not only makes each race strategically significant but also turns your car into a potential target, adding layers of risk and reward to your customization choices.
Extensive Customization Options
Explore extensive customization options for both vehicles and characters that influence performance and aesthetics. From tuning your engine to designing your appearance, every modification affects your race outcomes. Vehicles sustain damage during races, requiring repairs in the garage post-race, adding depth and variety to your gameplay experience.
Community-Centric Multiplayer HUB
"Speed Rivals" elevates its multiplayer experience by transforming garages into immersive, shared 3D spaces where players can socialize and collaborate on vehicle customization. This innovative approach redefines multiplayer interaction by turning garages into customizable, communal 3D spaces, fostering a vibrant community centered around shared creative and competitive activities.
Interactive Gameplay Elements
"Speed Rivals" spices up racing with character interactions and environmental effects that respond to your in-game actions. Whether you're drifting, using skills, or causing mayhem on the track, characters will react with dynamic exclamations that reflect the heat of the race—like cheering for a slick maneuver or groaning when hit. This adds a lively, personal touch to each race, enhancing the immersive arcade experience.
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